Gaijin Bikers in Japan
The continuing adventures of a couple of American bikers
in the Land of the Rising Sun

LINKS (We haven't updated this page in years, so most of these links are dead.)

Avoid Personal Injury - Motorcycle Safety

A useful link found by some smart kids!

Protecting and Maintaining your Motorcycle

SPLENDOR's leader, Marcy's homepage(Japanese)

The homepage of a Japanese deadhead biker friend of ours. (Japanese)

Biker Bar in Matsumoto.
Hangout of the Heaven & Hell MC

Homepage of photographer and righteous biker babeYashiro Mine(Japanese)

Dynamites Red Home Page. The web site of the Dragon Boat team "Dynamites" to which we and other SPLENDOR members belong. (Japanese)

BANZAI RIDERS CLUB(Japanese) (Japanese)

Akari-chan, a well-travelled biker babe currently running a bar in Nayoro.

Sean Lewkiw's Motorcycling in Japan
(English) a more informative and helpful site than this one.

The virtual garage of Ogi-chan

Dragon Lady Shonan MC, a Kanagawa-based club we sometimes ride with

Sexy Dynamits MC, a Toyama-
based club we hang out with at rallies

D−RUSH MC, a group of Harley riders in the Tokyo area who ride on weekdays

The homepage of Papasunchi, a riderhouse in Chiba on the Boso Peninsula owned by veteran biker Papa-san.(Japanese)

Our Dragon boat buddy C's Dragon Boat and Corvette page(Japanese)

Chris & Yokoe's (Big Ben's friends from college) chronicle of their round-the world trip on their BMW motorcycles.

Panhead riding Usagi-ya's paper band handicraft site.