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Gaijin Bikers in Japan
The continuing adventures of a couple of American bikers
in the Land of the Rising Sun

July 2000 Tour of the Olympic Peninsula

Big Ben, Yuri, Carl, and his wife Nami headed out to Washington State's
Olympic Peninsula for a three day ride.
Yuri borrowed one of Carl's CB 750's and Ben borrowed Big John's Gold Wing,
put Nami on the back, and set out across Puget Sound.

Waiting for the ferry in downtown Seattle

The first night, we stayed at Kalaloch, on the Pacific coast (for July, it was COLD)

A campsite where you can hear the waves

Big John's rain pants and a bandana.
Who was that masked woman?

A picture Carl took while riding.

Carl (He's naturally blurry.)

Yuri (I think...)

From Nami's Eye

Nami’s Eye Part 2

Nami's Eye Part 3 (what a sexy neck!)

Nami's Eye Part 4 (The Gold Wing is such a comfortable ride.)

Yuri tried to kick start the bike and slipped off.

Sol Duc Hot Springs

SPLENDOR USA's first member

Yuri & Nami, at the campground near the hot springs

Edmonds Ferry

I love how the Washington State ferries give bikes special treatment.
They need to do this in Japan too.