The Stinger and Big Ben's Gaijin Bikers in Japan
(photo courtesy of Vibes Magazine)
The continuing adventures of a couple of American bikers
in the Land of the Rising Sun. . .

NOTE: This site is mostly a historical artifact at this point. Most of the sections were written back in 1999 and 2000 and indicate our opinions and thoughts at that time. We still throw pictures and such on the blog a few times a year, but that's about it.


All updates after Dec. 2005 are on the blog.

2005.12.07www.gaijinbikers.comNew Domain and Redesign
2005.10.31Hirayu 2005 Touring
2005.09.122005 Hokkaido Touring & Yuka and Owen's Davidson Wedding Party
2005.09.04Matsumoto Camp 2005
2005.08.29SPLENDOR Kitakata Ramen Camp 2005
2005.08.12Owen & Yuka's Wedding Parade
2005.06.25Owen & Yuka's Honeymoon Touring
2005.06.08Owen & Yuka's wedding page
2005.06.08Yuka Page
2005.06.08minor changes toWho We Are pages
2005.04.14SPLENDOR Yamabiko-so 2005 Touring
2004.12.28Dynamites Merry Run
2004.11.07SPLENDOR Hirayu Camp 2004
2004.10.19Vibes Meeting 2004
2004.09.26Hokkaido Touring 2004
2004.09.23Brotherhoods Meeting 2004
2004.04.30SPLENDOR Yamabiko-so 2004 Touring
2003.11.03SPLENDOR Hirayu 2003 Touring
2003.10.26The Stinger & Yuka's Texas Touring 2003
2003.09.22Brotherhoods Meeting 2003
2003.09.11Gaijin Bikers Hokkaido 2003 Touring
2003.04.30SPLENDOR Yamabiko-so 2003 Touring
2003.01.28SPLENDOR New Year Party
2002.10.31Hirayu 2002 Touring
2002.10.16Vibes Meeting 2002
2002.09.07SPLENDOR Kitakata Ramen Touring
2002.07.02minor changes toShikoku, Kanto, and Chubu pages
2002.05.30Lin - The Next Generation Biker (not actually bike related)
2002.05.18Kazu&Go!'s New Harleys
2002.05.14Yamabiko-so 2002 Touring
2002.05.14Motorcycle Rental Information
2002.01.15SPLENDOR New Year Party
2001.10.25Vibes Meeting 2001
2001.10.24Hirayu 2001 Touring
2001.08.13SPLENDOR Washington 2001Touring(ENGLISH)
2001.08.11SPLENDOR Washington 2001Touring(JAPANESE)
2001.07.20Links Page
2001.05.14Golden Week 2001 Akagiyama-Hotaka
2001.04.24Yamabiko-so 2001Touring
2000.12.25Links Page
2000.11.4 Columbia Gorge Touring
2000.10.29Links Page
2000.10.29Hirayu 2000 Touring
2000.10.05Vibes Meeting
2000.9.28 Hokkaido Touring
2000.8.27 Kitakata Ramen & Camp
2000.7.14 Olympic Peninsula Touring
1999.12.6 Site Launch